The April 11 class is closed;
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Banish Brain Fog: The Six-Week Brain Rescue Plan

Brain fog is a red flag your brain is aging too fast!

"I am sensitive to working with people with brain fog and other neurological disorders. I know you need to move at your own pace, no matter how gentle, and be able to refresh your memory regularly.

I designed the course with those needs in mind. You do not have to follow the pace of the course or complete it in six weeks. Once you become a member of the course all of the material is yours on an ongoing basis. My team will be online to help you at any time, no matter where you are with the material.

The course is based on my book Why Isn’t My Brain Working?, which has been very well received. But if you have seen the book you know it’s big and packed with tons of information.

The Banish Brain Fog online course is your personal tour guide through my brain book, teaching you how to organize the material into a life plan that I will help you through step by step.

~ Dr. Datis Kharrazian