The Brain - Gut Connection

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body.

•  20% of vagus nerve fibers send information from the brain to the stomach
•  80% of vagus nerve fibers send information from the stomach to the brain

Your Body's Inter-Connections

The diagram below depicts how everything in the body is interconnected.  The nervous system is no different.  The majority of the nervous system is in the gut.  The health of the gut rests upon the vitality of the nervous system ... and vice versa.

The spine is designed to have a certain structure, a very specific structure, and any deviation off of that structure directly interferes with the nervous system's ability to adapt and respond to stress. 

Chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation have a neurological effect.  They do not take pressure off of the nerves.  (That is an outdated model which has been proved to be false.)  Spinal manipulations fire up joint receptor and counter receptors and stretch muscle signals. That activates the pathways sent to the brain, the cerebellum.  There are impacts from manipulation on signals to the brain.  It can be too much for some people, and the adjustment can improve or make worse.  It’s unique to the individual.  In short, it’s the person, not the technique itself.

"The primary seat of insanity is the region of

stomach and intestines."
~ French psychiatrist  Phillipe Penel (1745-1826)
known as the father of modern psychiatry.

Chiropractic Heals

Stress and Your Spine

What are we doing more than ever before?  Stressing about everything.  We're sitting more now more than ever.  We're looking at technology more than ever.  Even if we go to the gym, we're thinking fitness, not structure.

And what impacts the nervous system?  Everything.

Everything we do impacts the nervous system.  The question is, are we doing the things that make our brains and nervous systems healthier, or are we doing the things that break them down?   Are we eating foods that nourish and enliven our bodies and minds, or are we eating fake food that destroy our body's intricately-linked innate healing abilities?  Are we regularly treating our spines, and keeping the communication channels open, or are we driving our bodies to the point of pain?

Chiropractic removes blockages in the communication channels and supports the body's detoxification pathways.   In tandem with proper nutrition, chiropractic aligns the body and  aligns the mind.

The spine has a direct bearing on your overall health and ability to fight disease, and this is why ...

The immune system is critical for fighting disease; it comprises glands and organs, such as the gut, spleen, bone marrow and the thymus.

Amazing scientific research is coming out right now, and it says that the nervous system controls the immune system.

Although chiropractic is often associated with images of the backbone, it is the spine that most concerns the profession.  The spine is central to the nervous system;  it is the tissue that surrounds the spinal cord;  the brain communicates to the body (and vice versa) via the spinal cord. 

That is one very big and very important reason why the protection and maintenance of your spine, your spinal cord and your overall nervous system and your brain is so important to your immune system and your overall health.